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Khai Long Beach, Ca Mau Province

Khai Long Beach is situated to the north of Ca Mau Cape, surrounded by beautiful mountain and sea landscape. Tour operators have put this new tourist attraction to their itineraries.

Covering an area of 150 hectares, Khai Long lies at a geographical location of special significance. Tourists should go to the seaside to see the sunset and sunrise. Khai Long has a vast sandy beach, spanning over 3km, which advances to the sea every year. It seems that whenever you go to the beach, you will notice that the distance from there to Hon Khoai Island is shortened.

Khai Long Beach still retains its pristine and original beauty. The mangrove forest ecosystem here is second to none in terms of diversity. Khai Long is also proud of many poplar trees along the seaside, whistling night and day.

More and more people are coming to Khai Long, which is upgraded to be a forest-sea eco-tourist site in Ca Mau Province. A three-kilometer road is under construction, together with many other constructions, including those for eco-environmental researches.
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