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2010: Year of big events

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2010: Year of big events
2010, the number of "burden" the round, the beautiful new year will bring to the world in general and people of Vietnam in particular events memorable.

1. Vietnam undertook the Chairman of ASEAN:

In 2010, Vietnam will undertake the Chairman of ASEAN. This work confirmed the domains and prestige of Vietnam in the international arena.

2. Many celebrations in even the big event of the country:

Date of establishment 80 years the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3, 1930 - February 3, 2010) 35th Anniversary southern liberation, unification (April 30, 1975 - 30 / 4 / 2010); 65th Anniversary of the August Revolution and National Day 2-9 (1945-2010).

3. 120th birthday anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890 - May 19, 2010):

Who is highly symbolic beauty of true patriotism combined smoothly with internationalist proletarian. Hearts, minds of the people are for Vietnam people and proletariat and oppressed peoples around the world an immense love.

As a loyal pupil and the Marxist Leninism, Ho President not only is a great patriot, but also an excellent soldiers in the international Communist movement and national liberation movements of the century XX.

4. Festivals 1000, Thang Long - Hanoi:

Is a cultural, social people nationwide interested. A series of festivals will be held throughout the country with the investment, renewal and inaugurated many projects and projects to celebrate the event.

5. World Cup 2010:

Sports largest planet football, brings together 32 teams leading the 5 continents, took place in South Africa from 11-6-2010 to 11-7-2010.

6. Boom 3G technology applications in Vietnam:

3G communications technology is the third generation, allowing data transfer both voice and data than voice.

Then, the mobile network Mobifone, Vietel ... also quickly bring 3G technology to the test. In 2010, 3G will forecast a strong explosion.



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News in brief

1. Position, natural condition – society of Ca Mau province

Ca Mau is in the Mekong Delta Area, in the Southern most province of Viet Nam and it’s shape like letter V, a penilsula with three sides bordering sea . It adjoins Kien Giang provinces in the North, Bac Lieu Province in the Northeastern, East Sea in the South-east and Thailand Bay in the West

2. 350 billion to develop like catfish, basa fish

3 years from 2010 to 2012, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will spend 350 billion to develop the 100,000 Pangasius parents, providing about 5 billion the same national standard, to meet branches farming catfish, basa fish in the Mekong Delta (Mekong Delta)

3. Biggest trade event of the solutions produced

Exhibition and International Conference on the 6th of machine tools, precision engineering and metal processing (MTA Vietnam 2009) for businessmen and enterprises will be held in Vietnam from 8-11/7 2009. This is a forum for international trade promoters and solutions to industrial production in the biggest market of Vietnam.

4. 2010: Tourism industry before the big

2010 major events took place many of the country is considered as leverage and create stimulating very good momentum of development with tourism.

5. Mau-oriented Economic Forum event the Mekong Delta in 2008

To strengthen program content, find out what initiatives or mechanisms and propose policies and promote economic development of the Ca Mau joining Economic Forum coming reap much success am on 5 / 5 / 2008, Ca Mau Province People's Committee meeting, discuss the draft plans participation Economic Forum Cuu Long River Delta happen in the near future in Can Tho. Vice Chairman Duong Tien Dung chaired the meeting.

6. 2010: Year of big events

2010, the number of "burden" the round, the beautiful new year will bring to the world in general and people of Vietnam in particular events memorable.